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It is imperative that we all embrace the complexity of the Amazon, establish connections and understand the territory as a landscape where rational and sensitive aspects supplement each other.

To propose structuring actions capable of embracing the Amazonian complexity and responding to the intricate web of relationships and interactions between the region’s multiple variables, the Concertação developed the concept of < b>integrative approach.

By not treating interconnected themes in an isolated and linear way, this concept seeks to identify political-economic-environmental-social equations capable of providing well-being for local populations and indigenous peoples and, at the same time, guarantee the conservation of the Amazon’s mega biodiversity and climate protection.

There are many variables that mark the occupation of the Amazons simultaneously and are likely to lead to different results in different portions of the territory. They define realities and demand reflections on development, public policies and investments. They can be historical, biological, geographic, cultural or socio-environmental, they interact with each other and have the possibility of changing the results of actions.

Considering that space is perceived differently by different actors who plan their future in different ways, an integrative approach and systemic allows us to see not only the elements that make up the landscape, but the relationships and connections between them.

To find out more, download the document “Proposals for the Amazons: an integrative approach”: