Na imagem, 4 jovens (1 moça e 2 rapazes) posam para foto na frente de um muro urbano com grafite em homenagem ao Cacique Raoni. No centro do muro há um lambe lambe com a foto do cacique sem cores e olhando para a sua esquerda, ao lado a frase "o futuro é indígena". Um dos jovens está segurando um spray e outro, uma máquina fotográfica.
Amazon Concertation is a network of people, entities and companies formed to seek solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of this territory. We have gathered more than 400 engaged leaders and created a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, increase the impact of their actions and generate new proposals and projects for the forest and populations living in the region.

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The Concertation is a broad front that brings together various actors, such as academy, private sector, business leaders, government, local communities, philanthropy and civil society. Its more than 400 members act, directly or indirectly, in the Amazon. The common point that unites them is the desire to take a plural and democratic debate on the preservation and sustainable development of the region to a new level.


Abrão Neto

Amcham Brasil

Adnan Demachki

Adnan Demachki Advogados Associados

Adriana Moreira

Banco Mundial

Adriana Ramos

Instituto Socioambiental (ISA)

Alan Rigolo

Instituto Arapyaú

Alexandre Mello


Amalia Safatle

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Amanda Schutze

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

Ana Alice Biedzicki

Câmara Legislativa do DF

Ana Carolina Szklo

Instituto humanize

Ana Cristina Barros

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI)

Ana Marina de Castro

Nexus Global

Ana Toni

Instituto Clima e Sociedade (iCS)

André Guimarães


Andrea Alvares


Andrea Azevedo

Fundo JBS

Anna Livia Arida

Human Rights Watch

Antonio Salles

Mandi Ventures

Arminio Fraga

Gavea Invest

Augusto Corrêa

Parceiros Pela Amazônia

Bastiaan Reydon


Beatriz Bracher

Itaú/ Escritora

Beatriz Saldanha

Tree Tap

Beto Veríssimo

Imazon e Amazônia 2030

Caio Magri

Instituto Ethos



Goal: This front was created due to the existence of different interpretations of the bioeconomy in the context of the Amazon and their implications for the sustainable business models and public policies that the group seeks to reinforce. The focus is on scaling up the bioeconomy, valuing Brazilian social biodiversity. Accordingly, the proposal of the WG is to promote the articulation of networks of entrepreneurs, financiers, public administrators, local and business leaders, among others.

Deliveries:proposal of framework for a bioeconomy in the Amazon; organization of the 1st Forum of Innovation in Investment in the Amazonian Bioeconomy; white paper for the session “What does bioeconomy mean?”, in the Global Landscape Forum Amazônia 2021.


Goal: The purpose of this front is to construct processes in education that drive a positive impact in the conservation and sustainable use of the Amazon. The group believes that structural development actions for this field in the Amazon involve inserting the region in the school curricula in the whole of Brazil, integrating the world of work based on professional and technical education as part of the region’s development, supporting enhancement in connectivity infrastructure, media literacy and education for democracy.

Deliveries: conception of the Itinerários Amazônicos (Amazonian Itineraries) program, focused on secondary education, to be implemented in public schools in 2022 (in progress).

Political Intelligence

Goal: The purpose is to monitor and analyze socioenvironmental questions in the legislative and federal executive spheres and in public debate. By means of this active monitoring, the group seeks to anticipate agendas and changes in the political scene, diminishing the lack of information and political intelligence for organizations in the socioenvironmental area engaged in political action, mobilization and advocacy.

Deliveries: weekly reports with the results of the monitoring of the executive and legislative spheres and the public debate, with collective reflection on the information garnered; analytical and thematic reports on topics defined previously with the group (carbon market, environmental licensing, land title regularization, among others).


Goal: The Narratives WG was assembled with the common purpose of pursuing, testing and stimulating contemporary narratives on the Amazon that dislodge historically established paradigms and help reconnect the region with the identity of the Brazilian citizen and reinsert Brazil in global geopolitics.


Goal: This is a space for dialogue and action around sociocultural diversity in the Amazon. The group seeks means of revealing this diversity, permitting art and culture to extrapolate the realms of illustration and entertainment to be considered sources of sensitive information and involvement in this territory.

Deliveries: insertion of the cultural dimension, with art and artists from the Amazon, in all the Amazon Concertation environments and actions (plenary sessions, webinars, knowledge products, among others).

Engagement of
Business Sector

Goal: Its main objective is to join forces and obtain commitments from businesses around relevant matters for the Amazon. Accordingly, by means of high-level articulation in the private sector, the group is pursuing positions that lead to concrete actions and structural changes based on business activities that generate positive impact in the development of the Amazon.

Deliveries: development of business sector positioning on the Amazon for COP26, centered on incentives for zero deforestation and promoting an inclusive, regenerative economy.


Goal: To seek to listen to, insert and represent the different voices of a population corresponding to almost 50 million Brazilians aged from 15 to 29 years in discussions related to the present and future of the Amazon. The group uses this space to articulate and empower different youth groups, with the potential to permeate the entire Amazonian territory, operating transversally to provide direction and to help build all the initiative’s action fronts.

Territorial Organization
and Land Title Regularization

Goal: It is the understanding of the WG that territorial organization and land title regularization are necessary processes to promote the socio-economic development of the Amazon and to arrest deforestation in the region. Accordingly, the group proposes to qualify the debate in these areas, identifying bottlenecks, ambiguities and what may be done to overcome the chaos reigning in this respect in the region. The group also seeks to bring together all the key actors involved in this dynamic, debating, generating and sharing knowledge, as well as articulating the implementation of pilot projects that may serve as paths for overcoming historical barriers to progress in these agendas.

Deliveries: guide with four key questions about land title regularization and change in the legal framework; paper “Ordenamento Territorial e Regularização Fundiária na Amazônia: do caos à superação” [Territorial organization and land title regularization; from chaos to solution] (in progress).