About us

A Concertation for the Amazon is a broad, diverse, and plural network of individuals, institutions, and companies formed to seek solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of this territory, as well as to improve the quality of life for those who inhabit it.

We bring together over 600 engaged leaders and create a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, amplify the impact of their actions, and generate new proposals and projects for the forest and the populations living in the region.

In this sense, we organize thematic meetings with the participation of experts and representatives from different sectors and establish Working Groups that convene to discuss and generate knowledge on specific topics.

The initiative is an offshoot of the Amazon Possible project, a movement of the Brazilian business sector created in 2019 to present concrete proposals for the sustainable development of the Amazon at COP15 (held in Madrid, Spain). The movement was supported by the Brazil Coalition, Climate, Forests and Agriculture, Global Compact Brazil Network, B System, and the Arapyaú Institute.


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Executive Secretariat
Amazon Concertation

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Amazon Concertation

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