Ancestral knowledge and social technologies

The third volume of the Concertation Notebooks series delves into bioeconomy through a deep and sensitive dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous scientific literature.

Dilemmas of the Energy Transition

The higher the ambition for decarbonization, the greater the demand for minerals in the production, distribution, and storage of less polluting energy. From the trade-off between energy transition and conservation, questions arise, debated in a meeting of ‘A Concertation for the Amazon.’ To what extent is Brazil willing to increase its mineral production capacity, impacting biomes and local communities? And to what extent should the country remain dependent on imports?

Laíza Ferreira

Laíza Ferreira intertwines memory, fictions, territories and temporalities, and creates new possibilities of re-existence.

Through collage, the artist who inspires the visual identity of the Concertation’s digital channels instigates imagery to reconnect with those who preceded her and fill the gaps left by the Amazonian cultural erasure.

What we are


Network formed by people, institutions and companies with the purpose of seeking solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. We brought together more than 600 engaged leaders and created a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, increase the impact of their actions and generate new proposals and projects in favor of the forest and the populations that live in the region.



A systematized knowledge base about the region. The spiral format reflects the dynamic and constant expansion of this base.

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February 2024
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Feb 26

Às vésperas do encontro de ministros de finanças e presidentes de bancos centrais do G20, o primeiro Fórum Brasileiro de Finanças Climáticas discutirá a importância da integração entre finanças, clima e natureza […]

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Ciclo 1

O Ciclo 1 foi fundamental para a sistematização do documento Uma Agenda pelo Desenvolvimento da Amazônia.

Ciclo 2

A partir do final de 2021, iniciamos o Ciclo 2 orientado à expansão dos eixos originais e ao aprofundamento das ações concretas pela rede.

Cicle 1

Cycle 1 was essential for the systematization of the document “An Agenda for the Development of the Amazon.”

Cicle 2

Starting from the end of 2021, we initiated Cycle 2, focused on expanding the original pillars and deepening concrete actions within the network.