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School on the outskirts of Belém (PA) develops a project on “fake news” based on the Itinerários Amazônicos program

In an activity carried out through the Itineraries’ training courses, students debated “fake news” in the construction of a sustainable society. Professor Manoel Ramos, who led the learning, highlights that the protagonism of students and the Amazon as a focus were unprecedented in pedagogical practice

Fertilizing science and art

Science can create an accurate and detailed portrait of a territory based on data. But a territory goes beyond data, it is made up of stories, perceptions, dreams, power relations. To balance our limited rationality we need a lot of sensitivity, we need culture

The Global Bioeconomy
Preliminary Stocktake of G20 Strategies and Practices: a contribution to the Brazilian G20 Presidency's Global Initiative on Bioeconomy

Released on May 6th in Brasilia (DF), this paper was developed by NatureFinance and Fundação Getulio Vargas with support from Amazon Concertation and 16 other organisations that participate collectively as a civil society support group to the G20 Initiative on Bioeconomy, for which this piece was produced.


Manaus visual artist Dacordobarro (Kerolayne Kemblin), who starts to inspire Concertation´s digital channels, builds her creative process based on a powerful effort to recover memories, in which fragments of memories give life, body and meaning to her reflection on the Brazilian artistic universe, particularly that which is racialized

Most municipalities in the Legal Amazon do not have land assets

In an interview with Concertação, Dr. Luly Fischer, professor of Law and member of the Postgraduate Program in Law and Development in the Amazon at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), explains why many cities in the Legal Amazon do not even own your own headquarters



Ancestral knowledge and social technologies

The third volume of the Concertation Notebooks series delves into bioeconomy through a deep and sensitive dialogue between indigenous and non-indigenous scientific literature.


What we are


Network formed by people, institutions and companies with the purpose of seeking solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. We brought together more than 600 engaged leaders and created a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, increase the impact of their actions and generate new proposals and projects in favor of the forest and the populations that live in the region.



A systematized knowledge base about the region. The spiral format reflects the dynamic and constant expansion of this base.

Eixo: Governança e mapeamento político, econômico e de segurança Governança Governance Eixo: Recursos financeiros e instrumentos econômicos Novos instrumentos de financiamento da agenda climática e florestal New financial instruments of climate and forest agenda Eixo: Planos e políticas públicas Planos e políticas públicas Public policies Eixo: Atuação Empresarial Atuação empresarial Business performance Eixo: Sociedade civil Sociedade civil Civil society Eixo: Ciência e tecnologia Ciência e tecnologia Science and technology Eixo: Sociedade e Cultura Sociedade e cultura Society and culture Eixo: Indicadores de desenvolvimento Indicadores de desenvolvimento Development indicators Eixo: Uso do solo e desmatamento Uso do solo e desmatamento Land use and deforestation Eixo: Regularização fundiária Regularização fundiária Land regularization Eixo: Infraestrutura Infraestrutura Infrastructure Eixo: Comunicação e mídia Comunicação e mídia Communication and media Eixo: Mudanças Climáticas Mudanças Climáticas Climate change Eixo: Agenda Internacional Agenda Internacional International agenda Eixo: Educação Educação Education Eixo: Bioeconomia Bioeconomia Bioeconomy Eixo: Ilegalidades Ilegalidades Ilegality

Next Events

June 2024
Jun 17
17 June 2024 - 19 June 2024

As discussões dos três eixos temáticos terão como objetivo comum garantir que a bioeconomia contribua para a inclusão social e a criação de empregos dignos em todas as suas áreas: […]

Jun 24
24 June 2024 - 26 June 2024

O encontro irá promover discussões transdisciplinares sobre avaliação em áreas como educação, saúde, meio ambiente e desenvolvimento social, visando práticas mais sustentáveis e inclusivas. A escolha de Belém, também sede […]

July 2024
Jul 07
07 July 2024 - 13 July 2024

A Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência (SBPC) e a Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA) realizarão a 76ª Reunião Anual da SBPC. O tema central desta edição é “Ciência […]

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Ciclo 1

O Ciclo 1 foi fundamental para a sistematização do documento Uma Agenda pelo Desenvolvimento da Amazônia.

Ciclo 2

A partir do final de 2021, iniciamos o Ciclo 2 orientado à expansão dos eixos originais e ao aprofundamento das ações concretas pela rede.

Cicle 1

Cycle 1 was essential for the systematization of the document “An Agenda for the Development of the Amazon.”

Cicle 2

Starting from the end of 2021, we initiated Cycle 2, focused on expanding the original pillars and deepening concrete actions within the network.