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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about the Concertation.

 the Amazon Concertation is a diverse and non-partisan network established in 2020 as a democratic forum for various individuals and initiatives working for the region to come together, engage in dialogue, collaborate, and amplify the impact of their actions. The network is run by the Arapyaú Institute and brings together over 600 leaders, including representatives from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society, indigenous communities, artists, and journalists, who have joined forces to seek paths for development and concrete actions for the forest and the people living in the region.

The initiative’s goal is to connect different individuals, organizations, and initiatives involved with the Amazon to consolidate knowledge about the region and suggest action proposals focused on sustainability and social justice – primarily benefiting those who live in the region. The network’s ambition is to present long-term alternatives that are not limited to a single government’s management or specific groups.

What brings together such diverse actors in a single initiative is the understanding that there is no possibility of a low-carbon world without the Amazon, and the contemporary concept of new development models in areas characterized by high natural capital and the pursuit of social justice.

Concertação was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, academics, and public leaders who began to reflect on sustainable development models for the Amazon. The discussion quickly expanded to become a multistakeholder network.

It is a democratic space, open to anyone who wants to contribute to the debate about the Amazon. To receive updates about the network, register your email at our website in the field provided for this at the end of the page or write to contato@concertacao.com.br.

There is no funding core for Concertação, which is the very nature of a movement that organizes itself as a network. What the Concertation does is bring together, leverage, and make these initiatives have more synergy and meet each other.

The mobilization nucleus has entities such as Instituto Arapyaú, responsible for the executive secretariat, and other initiatives such as iCS, Instituto humanize, CLUA and Open Society Foundations.

Concertação does not finance or recommend projects. It is a knowledge network, a democratic space for debates and preparation of action proposals for the Amazon.

No. A Concertation for the Amazon is a non-partisan network that brings together more than 400 leaders, including representatives from the public and private sectors, academia, civil society and the press, who have come together to seek development paths and concrete actions for the forest and the people who live in the Amazon. region.

No. It operates in a network model, in which groups meet virtually for debates, sharing knowledge and articulating proposals for the sustainable development of the Amazon.

The main achievements include the production of the document “100 first days of government: proposals for an integrated agenda for the Amazons”, which brings 14 proposals and normative acts for immediate adoption by those elected to legislative and executive powers in 2022, at national and subnational levels. The document was prepared taking as a starting point another major achievement of the network, “An Agenda for the development of the Amazon“, with action proposals for the various Amazons.
One of the first deliverables of the Concertation was the creation of a systematized knowledge base capable of encompassing the region’s complexity, which ranges from education to culture, from infrastructure to land use, from business to international cooperation. The initiative also set up action-oriented working groups focusing on topics such as bioeconomy, private sector engagement, youth, education and territorial planning. In addition to qualifying dialogue on relevant topics, these groups discuss how to expand key projects for the region.
In addition, the network holds periodic virtual meetings with its members and also holds webinars open to the general public. The network’s events are publicized on the website and also on the initiative’s Instagram profile (@concertacaoamazonia).
WG is the acronym for Working Group. The Concertation WGs are one of the network’s meeting and action environments, guided by a specific theme, and with a strong focus on taking advantage of synergies, complementarities and delivering concrete results. Currently, the Concertation has 10 WGs, mobilized organically based on the network’s interest in engaging in topics such as bioeconomy, education, culture, youth, infrastructure and land regularization, among others.
Mobilizes people, knowledge and resources in support of action on specific themes within the broad development agenda of the Amazon. In practice, it meets periodically based on objectives and deliverables previously agreed by the group itself. The actions of the WGs are integrated with each other and have a strong connection with the directions of the Concert itself and its other environments (such as knowledge and plenaries).
Just get in touch with a member of the executive secretariat, facilitator of the WG you are interested in or by contact tab of the Concertação website. There is no compensation for participation in the WG, other than a dedication of time and energy to get involved in the agreed agendas and activities.