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First 100 days of government: Proposals for an integrated agenda of the Amazon

Understanding the Amazon as the central theme of the Brazilian political agenda and considering the initial period of mandates, the Concertação places in the hands of Brazilian society the document ‘First 100 Days of Government: Proposals for an Integrated Agenda of the Amazons.’

Developed based on ‘An Agenda for the Development of the Amazon‘ (launched in 2021 by the network), the publication includes normative acts, concrete actions, and directions to be adopted by the transition governments of the Federal and State Executives and by the National Congress in the first 100 days of 2023.

The proposals presented aim to contribute to the path of a new institutional framework for the Amazon, with an integrated approach to social, environmental, and economic issues, the result of an intense listening process that included renowned experts and local representation in all debate spaces.

Here, you can explore and download the complete document or each of the 14 proposals and respective normative acts resulting from this effort, organized into 11 themes: Cities, Economy, Education, Food Security, Health, Infrastructure, Climate Change and Deforestation Combat, Land Use Planning and Land Regularization, Mining, Public Security, Science, Technology & Innovation.