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2021 Retrospective and 2022 Outlook
The last plenary of the Concertação year, held on 12/06, was a retrospective of the year and also to talk about the group's perspectives for 2022. The agenda also sought to honor the artists who contributed to the network.

Due to the presence of art as a sensitive pillar that mobilizes, moves and brings people together, the plenary session opened with a recording of Choro das Manas, a group formed by women from the Amazon; then, a video in which the poet Eliakin Rufino recites his poem Panta Rei prepared the ground for Lívia Pagotto, manager of knowledge management and advocacy at Instituto Arapyaú, to present the retrospective of the highlights of 2021, through a timeline that it also gives visibility to partner artists.

After the singer and activist Maria Gadu gave an emotional speech and performed her song “Axé acappela” live, representatives of each of the 8 Working Groups of the Concertation reported the main activities in 2021 and their expectations for 2022. the intention of deepening the articulation and exchange of ideas among all the formed groups.

The GT Narrativas, facilitated by Julia Sekula and Ilona Szabó (Igarapé Institute), highlighted the inspiration meetings that sought to understand the existing narratives and the possibilities of imagination about the Amazon. For 2022, the group wants to create a strategic core to formulate and test messages and create the first version of its decalogue/manifesto.

The Education WG, facilitated by Fernanda Rennó (Instituto Arapyaú), highlighted the definition of its main objective: the positioning of education as a fundamental pillar for the development of the Amazon. Among the aspirations for 2022 is the structuring of strategic and operational planning, explaining the GT’s essential focuses.

The WG Political Intelligence, facilitated by RAPS (Political Action Network for Sustainability), highlighted the 29 virtual meetings held with more than 15 organizations in the socio-environmental field, in addition to debates and monitoring reports. In 2022, the group intends to expand the number of organizations in virtual meetings, improve spaces for debate and exchange of ideas, among other developments.

Facilitated by Inaiê Santos and Carolina Genin, GT Bioeconomia reported its role in pioneering initiatives such as the 1st Forum for Innovation in Investments in the Amazonian Bioeconomy (F2iBAM), in addition to the publication of articles and participation in national and international events. The agenda for 2022 includes the creation of subgroups to deepen strategic themes.

In turn, the Private Sector Engagement WG, facilitated by CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), emphasized the launch of the Positioning of the Business Sector on the Amazon and the definition of its central theme: Combating Illegal Deforestation and Promoting an Inclusive and Regenerative Economy. Planning for 2022 includes advocacy actions, matchmaking of projects between companies and the inclusion of the Amazon theme in the letter to presidential candidates.

For the newly created GT Juventudes, facilitated by the Em Movimento network and Marcella Santos, the highlight was the creation of the GT itself and the large presence of young people at COP26. Its main challenges for 2022 include involving Youth across the Concertation, thinking about actions that positively impact the Amazon and the youth who live there, among others.

The WG Territorial Planning and Land Regularization, facilitated by Carolina Graça, mentioned among its main activities the alignment on its purpose, the holding of discussions and rounds of conversation and publications. For 2022, the group intends to evolve published materials, seek engagement with stakeholders and implement pilot projects.

Finally, GT Cultura, facilitated by Fernanda Rennó, highlighted its participation in national and international events, as well as the composition of spaces, actions and products of the Concertação impregnated with art and life stories. In 2022, in addition to maintaining the strong influence of local culture on the Concertação, the group also wants to go the opposite way, disseminating the themes of the Concertação to regional communities.

The plenary session ended with the network’s perspectives for the next year, presented by Lívia Pagotto. In addition to expanding the number of participants, there is an intention to advance internationalization, implement structuring actions on the part of the WGs, strengthen the Concertação platform as a space for knowledge and meetings about and in the Amazon, review the document An Agenda for the Development of the Amazon by leaders of the indigenous peoples and youth leaders, among others.



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