Logo An Amazon Concertation

“My name is Rai, but people in the art scene call me Raiz. I’m a dreamer, but also a graffiti artist, and I use this technique to express my ideas”. This is how Raiz Campos, the artist who inspired the visual identity of the Concertation in February, introduces himself. Born in Bahia, Rai Campos Lucena moved to Vila Pitinga, in the Waimiri Atroari Reserve, inland Amazonas, with his father when he was three months old. He decided to become an artist when he saw a magazine featuring graffiti art, and hasn’t stopped since that. His work has been showcased in several cities in Brazil, especially Manaus, where he studies visual arts at the Federal University of Amazonas. His art is fully inspired by the Amazon, a source of endless inspiration.

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