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Climate Week NY: Climate Neutrality and Deforestation – The Performance of States and Corporations in the Brazilian Amazon

September 22, 2021

Share with the international community the commitments and initiatives of the business sector and subnational governments that make up the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force – GCFTF and the UNDER2 Coalition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The search for neutrality necessarily includes the fight against deforestation in the Amazon, and broad actions and effective engagement with various actors are necessary to enhance the dialogue and establish strategic partnerships for this purpose. The three largest Brazilian states, in territorial dimension in the Amazon, will present their decarbonization trajectories and their climate action plans, reinforcing their emission reduction commitments foreseen in the global Race to Zero campaign. CEBDS – Business Council for Sustainable Development, representative of a significant portion of the private sector in the country, will address the sector’s commitments and efforts to contribute to the agenda. The initiative A Concert for the Amazon, formed by more than 400 leaders represented by businessmen, researchers, economists, former politicians, and environmentalists, will share the results of their work for the sustainable development of the Amazon. The event will also include the participation of Marfrig and Natura presenting their initiatives to achieve climate neutrality.

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