Logo An Amazon Concertation

The Concertation has a guaranteed presence at COP27, with the participation of members of the initiative in several panels and debates on the paths and strategic role of Brazil in the climate agenda, forest restoration, climate financing, the role of world leaders in combating the climate crisis, corruption, youth and more.


Political articulation marks Brazilian participation in the second week of COP 27

Subnational and transitional governments in Brazil are debating with civil society on how to act together in the fight against climate change and also in favor of the Amazon.

At COP 27, organizations defend an integrated agenda for the Amazon focused on the well-being of the region's populations

A vision that reconciles natural capital, economy and social justice must be the way to stop deforestation and conserve the Amazon.

At COP 27, Lula highlights the centrality of the Amazon and the Amazonians for the planet

For the initiative Uma Concertação pela Amazônia, speech by the president-elect reflects the relevance of an integrated development and cooperation agenda for the region.

COP 27 is marked by the action of social movements

Representatives of native peoples, quilombolas, extractivists, blacks, young people and the periphery took their messages to the Climate Conference and to President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.