The Amazon and the 2022 Elections: Connectivity
The 4th meeting of the Concertation this year took place on July 6th, and happened in a hybrid fashion, transmitted directly from Alter do Chão (Pará). It was also fully integrated into the schedule of the Fórum Amazônia Sustentável (Sustainable Amazon Forum) event. With “Connectivity” as its theme, the meeting put forward a call to action focused on all connectivity-based endeavours.
Photography by Jander Manauara
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The exhibition “Ciclos Para o Amanhã” (Cycles for Tomorrow) opens the new virtual art gallery on our website and showcases the vision of 16 Amazonian artists who dedicate themselves to and fight for the ground they inhabit. Each work of art expresses a moment and a perspective of the Amazon as it is inhabited and felt, revealing the diversity of this Mother-Forest that is sometimes delicate and fragile, but at other times, furious and full of abundance.

Curated by Hadna Abreu and Anna Lôyde Abreu, the exhibition inspires our website’svisual identity and is available for visitation on the Art page!

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by Francimar Barbosa.

How to act for the sustainable development of the Amazon, considering its complexity, challenges and regional diversities? With this macro-approach, the Amazon Concertation presents “An Agenda for the Development of the Amazon”, a long-term vision of development of the region with specific action fronts for building this path and translating these challenges into concrete action.

Photography by Fred Diegues


Amazon Concertation

Network formed by people, institutions and companies with the purpose of seeking solutions for the conservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. We have gathered more than 400 engaged leaders and created a democratic space for the dozens of initiatives in defense of the Amazon to meet, dialogue, increase the impact of their actions and generate new proposals and projects for the forest and populations living in the region.



Systematized knowledge base about the region. The spiral format translates the dynamics and constant expansion of this base.


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